What is SWC?

About Us

The Student Wellness Commission (SWC) is a branch of UCLA’s Undergraduate Students Association Council (USAC) and is the largest student health organization on campus with 13 committees and 500+ members. We promote a holistic perspective on student wellness that encompasses physical and psychological health as it relates to academic success and overall well being. Our committees organize engaging events, advocate for student wellness, direct outreach to underserved students, provide free health resources, and conduct research in areas of physical, mental, and sexual health. 

Our Committees

Active Minds

Active Minds is a mental health advocacy group dedicated to changing the conversation about mental health and de-stigmatizing mental illness throughout the UCLA campus and the greater Los Angeles community.

Body Image Task Force

BITF’s is a committee with a  mission to cultivate healthy and positive body images on campus, which encompasses mental, physical, and emotional health.

Bruin Consent Coalition

BCC is a committee committed to raising awareness of the sexual violence epidemic, educating students, and creating a supporting environment for survivors.

Bruin Run/Walk

BRW organises one of the biggest student-run events on campus every year: a 5K in the spring that benefits The Painted Turtle. The Painted Turtle is a camp in Lake Hughes, California for kids with chronic illnesses and their families.


BruiNecessities raises awareness to the lack of basic resources available on campus and seeks to fill these gaps by working with different entities on campus to bring programs and services to students.

CPR & First Aid

CPR & First Aid’s goal is to curb the rising trend of increasing pre-hospital deaths around the nation by teaching teaching life saving skills to the LA community.

Environmental Awareness, Recycling and Terrestrial Health

EARTH is committed to addressing the health-associated aspects of environmental concerns such as climate change, pollution, and sustainability by bridging environmental movements and international health policies.

Health, Nutrition, and Fitness

HNF is dedicated to providing UCLA students with the information, tools, and inspiration they need to live a healthy lifestyle through programming related to informed nutrition, an active lifestyle, and attention to mental needs.

Student Education and Research on Contemporary Health

SEARCH is focused on ensuring all information that reaches the student body is relevant and factual through relevant research on physical, mental, and social health that is shared with the student community through effective means.

Total Wellness

Total Wellness is dedicated to spreading awareness of and sharing knowledge on issues of student health through a digital media platform and an annual print publication.


From pleasure to STIs and from contraceptives to consent, Sexperts promotes inclusive and honest discussions across the UCLA campus.


As one of the newest committees in SWC, DiverSWC aims to advocate for underrepresented communities in SWC leadership and improve health and wellness conditions for marginalized students on campus.

Planned Parenthood Generation Action

One of the newest committees in SWC, SWC Planned Parenthood Generation Action, promotes reproductive healthcare education and advocacy, and empowers students to make well-informed decisions for their own bodies.