Attention Events Organizers!

We can provide funding for your health-oriented event if you still need it after applying to other funding sources. To be considered, please register through the link below at least two Mondays before your event takes place. 

Featured Resource

Bruin Health Week (BHW)

Bruin Health Week is an annual week of special events during the Spring quarter that is hosted by the Student Wellness Commission (SWC) and it’s committees to promote student health on campus. Specifically, the aim is to educate students about how to live a healthier lifestyle and how to use campus resources effectively. Learn more about our schedule and events by clicking the link below!

SWC Israel-Palestine Resource Guide

As part of SWC's mission to support wellness on campus and beyond, this guide is aimed at providing information and resources relating to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. We acknowledge that many members of our community have deep ties to the region and are experiencing tremendous amounts of pain as violence continues. With rising instances of islamophobia and antisemitism on campus, we are sharing important resources for students to find care and community.

General Resources

UCLA Wellness Hub

Created by SWC during 2021-22, this resource provides up-to-date information about several resources pertaining to mental health, academic/career wellness, COVID-19, community-building, and physical, spiritual, financial, and environmental wellness.

Counseling And Psychological Services (CAPS)

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is here to support your mental health needs as you pursue your academic goals. Our services are designed to foster the development of healthy well-being necessary for success in a complex global environment.

Campus Assault Resources and Education (CARE)

CARE provides comprehensive outreach and prevention education to the campus community on sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking.

Discrimination Prevention Office

DPO investigates reports of discrimination or harassment based on race, ancestry, national origin, religion, age, and other categories protected by law and University policy. Typically, we investigate complaints brought by any member of the community (for example, students, staff or faculty) against faculty members

Rent Free Housing

Fill out this google form to get rent free housing in Koreatown or Santa Monica run by UCLA and USC students!

COVID-19 & Monkeypox Resources

STAND Together During COVID-19

Stand Together During COVID-19, part of UCLA’s Depression Grand Challenge, has tools, resources and strategies designed to help members of the Bruin community boost their mood and ease COVID-19–related anxiety and depression.

COVID-19 Services: Testing, Tracing & More

UCLA's go-to websites for all COVID-19 related protocols, symptom monitoring surveys, COVID-19 related updates and news, and operational information for students, faculty and staff

UCLA COVID-19 Hotline

If you are experiencing symptoms or think you may be exposed to a positive case of COVID-19, contact this hotline. Hours are from Monday to Friday from 8am - 4:30pm. It is closed on weekends and university holidays.

Monkeypox Guide

Comprehensive guides investigating all things related to Monkeypox generally and resources at UCLA.

Pregnancy & Abortion Resources

Find Abortion Providers

Comprehensive directory of verified abortion service providers and assistance resources in the United States.

Gynecology Care at Ashe Center

Breast and gynecologic exams (Pap smears), birth control advice, pregnancy testing and counseling, screening for sexually transmitted infections, and diagnosis of gynecological disorders.

Repro Legal Helpline

Free, confidential helpline where you can get legal information or advice about self-managed abortion, young people's access to abortion or judicial bypass, and referrals to local resources.

Get Abortion Pills

A convenient resource for getting abortion pills in a busy college environment.

Past Featured Resources

Health Literacy Research Conference (HLRC)

We, SWC, are hosting our own student-led conference to help increase UCLA’s undergraduate population's knowledge of personal health and the medical system. The emphasis on preventative health encompasses physical, mental, social, and planetary aspects of health to live well. To learn more and register click the link below and/or download an overview of the event here!